There is no doubt that we are all living in a time of uncertainty. We are working very hard to navigate this new path together to do what is right for all of our athletes and their families. We want to keep you all updated on our progress when it comes to our plans for the upcoming season. We are all still very hopeful that we will be having a season but we are also planning for as many possible outcomes as possible. Below is where we currently stand as of our May Board meeting. 

To begin, we have decided to cancel our summer camp at the end of June. At this time it appears Illinois will be in Phase 3 of the reopening plan which only allows gatherings of 10 people. We felt it was best to cancel summer camp and focus on the next stages of the season. 
If there is no school in the fall we are unsure if we will be able to practice or play. It depends on what D300 will allow us to do. We are asking all of our families to let us know if you have access to a facility that could be potentially used as a practice space for both indoor and outdoor.
 Our plan is to spend as little money as possible. We plan to purchase all essentials for the season at the last possible minute to assure that we offer a full refund in the case that the season is mandated to be canceled. However we do have two items that we will have to purchase. One being the football jerseys which will need to be purchased by July 10th. The second is the IRCA costs for competitions. We are waiting on clarity, but we have been informed that the IRCA has a non refund policy. As of today they have not refunded any programs that signed up for spring competitions which were canceled due to Covid-19.
With this being said both cheer and football essential costs come out to $75 per athlete. As a board, Hampshire Jr. Whip-Purs Football & Cheerleading Board Meeting via Zoom May 14,2020, we decided that if our season was to be canceled after our due dates for competition fees and football jerseys, we will issue a full refund minus the $75. If this happens the boys will be given their football jersey and the girls will also be given something tangible to walk away with.
 In the event that our season is mandated to be canceled and our season has already started we as a board will prorate the parents as much of a refund as possible. We will make every effort to keep all of our families informed as to where we stand at each step of the process so that you can make the best decision that is right for you.
Both the TCYFL and the IRCA will be hosting meetings in the month of May. We are hoping to gain more clarity of what is to come in the next few months and will be sure to keep you all updated.
As it stands, if we are able to continue to move forward, equipment  and cheer uniform Try On Dates will be July 6th. 

Thank you all for your continued support. Check back often for more updates on our 2020 season.