Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs Families,

We wanted to take this opportunity to keep everyone updated with as much information as we currently have. As situations in the world are ever changing, the youth sports landscape is changing in the same way. With that in mind your Board is constantly meeting to come up with the best and safest plan to ensure that we do everything in our power to have a full 2020 season.

As we stand right now, due to the State of Illinois’ phase 3 guidelines limiting activities to 10 or fewer people we will be cancelling all summer camps. These were originally scheduled the week of June 22nd. Although we are saddened to have had to make this decision, we know that this was our only option at this time.

Currently what we know right now is that there are multiple restrictions that are being put in place by the CDC as well as other National governing bodies. We are working through those as a board to make sure that we comply with all health and safety standards in order to provide a safe and competitive environment for your children.

Earlier this week we attended a meeting with the TCYFL. They informed us that they will be making a decision by July 1st on whether or not they will be running a season.

We are still waiting on confirmation from the IRCA on what their plans are. We will be attending a meeting on May 31 and will hopefully gain more information on what their plans are for a competitive cheer season.

We are also working within the guidelines to make sure that all equipment is sanitized and safe. We are also adjusting our plans league wide to ensure we stay within all set guidelines.

We do have some key dates for you to put in your calendar. The week of July 6th we will be having uniform and equipment turn out. We will also be looking to have a parent meeting that same week. It will be imperative for at least one parent or guardian to attend. During football equipment turn out, we ask that any football players that have a jersey from last year to please bring that with. With the new guidelines that are currently put in place, we will not be able to use a sizing kit safely and effectively. We will utilize old jerseys as much as possible to help us to properly size your player. More information regarding cheer uniform sizing will be available in the coming weeks. We are currently working on a plan for the most efficient and safe way to properly fit the cheerleaders.

We will continue to update you all as we receive more information. It is our goal to keep you as up to date as possible. We will be sending out periodic emails as well as updating our website, and social media accounts with new information. As we sit today, practices are tentatively scheduled to begin Monday July 20th.

As we all hope to get back to some sort of normalcy and are hopeful that we have a season, this season is one that will look very different from our seasons in the past with the new guidelines that are being put in place. We ask everyone to be patient and understanding as we navigate these new situations together. One of the main areas as a program this year is to truly bring all three communities together. Not only as one team but as one family. We need everyone’s support to accomplish this goal. It will be extremely imperative to have as many volunteers and parents involved as possible. Mapping out this season in the past few days has truly shown us that the only way we can do this properly and safely is with all of your help. We need you now more than ever to help us give all of our children the season they deserve. We will be reaching out to everyone in the coming weeks with a number of different committees that we will be establishing that we will need your help with. We look forward to your help this coming season as we move the Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs to another level.