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2023 Board Elected

By Whips-Media, 12/21/22, 7:30AM CST


New faces added to the team for the new year

2023 Board of Directors

Jesus Martinez, President

Brendon Tiffany, VP of Football Operations

Sara Garcia de Alba, VP of Cheerleading Operations

Kurt Kojzarek, Secretary

Jason Garbrecht, Treasurer

Megan Lechuga, Player's Agent

Harry Wahrer, Director of Football

Jessica Saenz, Director of Cheerleading

Jackie Busse, Communications Director

Erica LaBarre, Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator

Justin Stroh, Events Coordinator

Guillermo Llamas, Concessions  Coordinator

Rosalie Powell, Spirit Wear Coordinator

Greg Land, Field Maintenance Coordinator

Brian Berry, Health & Safety Coordinator

New Board takes the helm

Qualified electors braved the cold to form the new Board of Directors for the coming year.  The new BOD will include a good mix of returning veterans with some fresh new faces.  These include:

  • VP Football:  Brendon Tiffany replacing retiring Board Member Shawn Bauer.  Both Shawn and Brendon are founding members of the Jr. Whip-Purs organization, serving on the Board since its inception in late 2018.  Brendon was instrumental in refurbishing and purchasing new football equipment well under budget for the coming season.  He has children in both football and cheer.  
  • VP Cheer: Sara Garcia de Alba is returning for a second term as the head of Cheer after being appointed to fill a vacancy earlier in the year.  Last season she was tasked with navigating a new affiliate league, with changes to the rules and restrictions.  She has children in both football and cheer.  
  • Treasurer:  Jason Garbrecht is another founding member of the Jr. Whip-Purs who is returning for a second term as Treasurer.  Jason was instrumental in streamlining the organization's finances.  He has children in both football and cheer.  
  • Director of Football:  Harry Wahrer is a new face on the Board, taking the helm of the football operations over from Brendon Tiffany & Tyson Beauchamp.  Last season he was a coach for 8U leading them from a 0-4 start to a playoff birth.  He has children in both football and cheer.  
  • Director of Cheer:  Jessica Saenz is another new addition to the Board.  Last season she was instrumental in taking over her daughter's cheer team mid-season after the head coach's position was unexpectedly vacated.  
  • Fundraising Director:  Erica LaBarre is new to the Board, looking to evaluate our optimize our fundraising plan to focus on higher yield campaigns.  Her son is currently a member of our football program.
  • Events Coordinator:  Justin Stroh is returning for a second term as events coordinator.  Last season Justin expanded homecoming festivities to include the highly received Pep Rally.  He has a son in football and a daughter in cheer, but is widely known for his popular Tik Tok channel.
  • Director of Concessions:  Guillermo Llamas is new to the Board.  He will be taking over the concessions area to improve the game day experience.  With limited restaurant options in Hampshire, concessions sales is a great opportunity to fundraise - especially with 13 teams playing 5 home games during the 2022 season.  He is a proud Cheer Dad.
  • Director of Spirit Wear:  Rosalie Powell is new to the Board, taking over a newly created position.  While spirit wear was previously lumped together with concessions, Rosalie looks to expand sales.  She is a 2-time team mom for her son Jaxon's 10U team.
  • Director of Equipment and Field Maintenance:  Greg Land is replacing retiring Director Jon Schmidt.  He is a new member of the Board who brings a background in facility maintenance to the position.  
  • Player Agent:  Megan Lechuga is another new member of the BOD taking over and defining a newly created position.  Megan is charged with the distribution, collection and certification of all documents for players, staff and coaches required by our affiliate leagues for competitive and tournament play.  Last year, despite her sons serving as bookends on the football side with Isaiah the youngest player in the organization and Ivan a member of the State Champion 13U team, Megan still found time to serve as Team Mom for her middle son Isaac's 9U team.   
  • Director of Health and Safety:  Brian Berry returns for a second term in the position.  He was the first person elected to serve as Director of Health and Safety when the Board created it prior to the 2022 season.  As Lieutenant & Paramedic, Brian was able to secure the Hampshire Fire Department to supply Paramedicss to serve as sideline trainers at every Jr. Whip-Purs Home game this season.  

The new Directors join organization President Jesus Martinez, Secretary Kurt Kojzarek and Communications Director Jackie Busse to complete the 2023 Board of Directors.  

Thank you to outgoing Board Members Shawn Bauer, Tyson Beauchamp, Kristin Chapperon, Jenni Rainey, Debbie Allen, Andrea Majcher and Jon Schmidt.  Your time and dedication to our kids is truly appreciated.  Our organization continues to grow and thrive because of your willingness to give your and energy.