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First Annual Powder Puff Game 10/6 - Teams Now Forming!

By Whips-Media, 09/14/23, 8:30AM CDT


Calling all moms - now is your chance to show the world where your athlete gets all his best DNA.  Teams are  forming for the 1st annual Jr. Whip-Purs Moms' Powder Puff Game on October 6th at HMS, so get 10 or 11 of your fellow Jr Whip-Pur ladies together and register your team by September 20th!

We will be playing 9 on 9 flag football.   We will be playing four quarters lasting 15minutes each across the full length of the field.    There will be a running clock (except in the case of injury - so keep it clean ladies), until the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter.  Clock stops in the case of touchdowns, change of possession, incompletions and timeouts.  

Each individual squad will be paired with a second squad of 10 or 11 ladies to form a full team.  Teams will be announced on September 22nd.     Squads are encouraged to choose a theme.

Rules and penalties are listed below.  Let's have some fun ladies!




Team Formation & Basics:

  • Choose 9-11 moms within the organization to be on your team. One must register as the captain. This will be your “squad”.
  • Register your squad here.
    • Any teams with incomplete rosters may be combined to make a full team
  • Two to three squads will be randomly paired up to create a full team. Full team pairing will be announced Friday, Sept. 22.
  • Each team will get the same colored shirt
    • Each squad will choose its own theme to dress up as. Examples: Christmas, Toy Story, Animals, Día de los Muertos, 90s, Minions, Taylor Swift Era, etc.
  • Each squad is required to find their own adult coach. They can have a max of 2.
    • Coaches do not need to pay
  • Squads should find time to practice on their own. They may use the game field during football practices if it is not being used

Game Logistics:

  • Coin flip will determine who will start with the ball. The other team will start with the ball in the second half of the game.
  •  9v9 Flag Football, full field.
  • Four 15 minute quarters with10 minute half time.
  • Squads from both teams are rotated out after 8 downs or after a touchdown is scored, whichever occurs first.
  • Running clock (except in the event of an injury), until the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. The clock will stop on plays resulting in touchdowns, change of “mini teams”, change of possession, incompletion, and timeouts. The clock will continue to run for any play stopped in the field of play.
  • Each squad receives 1 timeout per half. They do not carry over from half to half.
  • Quarterback can’t run until rushed.  Quarterback can’t be rushed for 5 Mississippi seconds (we're going streetball rules with this one).
  • Free substitutions within the same squad are in effect at all times between plays.
  • Only adults who are playing/coaching will be allowed on the field and on the sideline. Kids must sit in the stands.

Game Play:

  • 9 players on each side.
  • 5 players are required on the line of scrimmage. Two players must be on each side of the center.
  • 30 second play clock to begin following the spot of the ball.
  • No kickoffs, punts, or field goals.
  • Any 4th down that is not converted into a 1st down results in a turnover. The new drive will start at the 40 yard line.
  • If the ball is intercepted, it will start at either the 40 yard line or where their flag was pulled, whichever is closest to the goal.
  • All initial contact from blocking must be used with your hands.
  • In the event of a tie, we will go to Sudden Death and order is determined by coin flip.
    • Each team will get 1 chance to score from the 5 yard line.
    • Order is AB-BA.
    • A penalty on the defense during this time will result in half the distance to the goal and replay of the down.
    • A penalty on the offense during this time will result in a turnover of the ball.


  • Touchdown = 6 points
  • Extra Points:
    • 1 point - ball at 5 yard line
    • 2 points - ball at 10 yard line

Coaches on the Field:

  • One coach per team is allowed on the field on the offensive side of the ball only.
  • The on field coach must be the coach from that squad.
  • This coach must remain a minimum of 10 yards behind all players.
  • Once the team has broken the huddle, the coach on the field cannot talk except to assist players getting into the correct position.
Penalties Result
False Start 5 yds
Encroachment 5 yds
Rush before 5 Mississippi 5 yds
Flag guarding (holding flag) 5 yds + loss of down
Holding (grabbing clothes) 10 yds
Delay of game 10 yds
Tackling 10 yds
Tripping 10 yds
Unsportsmanlike conduct (1st) 10 yds
Unsportsmanlike conduct (2nd) Ejection
Def. Pass Interference Spot of foul/half distance to the goal
Offensive Pass Interference 10 yds