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Feb, 2024

Jr Whip-Purs Football & Cheer Join Chicagoland Pop Warner

The Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs have concluded an extensive review and conducted interviews with officials from various youth football and cheer organizations across the Chicagoland area. After careful consideration, we have made the strategic decision to align ourselves with Chicagoland Pop Warner for the upcoming season.

In terms of our football program, this transition marks a pivotal move into a league with more established programs compared to our previous affiliation. This shift translates into enhanced scheduling options, increasing the likelihood of facing teams with a similar skill level. Similar to our previous league, Pop Warner operates on an age-based system, ensuring that our larger players won't be compelled to play up a level. This crucial aspect allows us to maintain the integrity of our teams, fostering growth and development year after year—a pivotal factor in the Board's decision-making process.

On the cheer side of our program, this move provides an exciting opportunity to participate in an additional low-cost competition, positioned as an exhibition. While our focus remains on excelling in ICA competitions, this shift offers our cheerleaders additional avenues to become well-rounded athletes, preparing them for High School and beyond. Although there are no immediate plans to compete at the Regional and National levels in the upcoming season, the option now stands open for future considerations.

Crucially, the transition to Pop Warner will have zero financial impact on parents enrolling in the upcoming season. We have meticulously managed our budget to absorb the additional cost associated with the extra cheer competition, ensuring a seamless and affordable experience for all involved.