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Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs Football & Cheer

What does it mean to be the HHS feeder program?

The Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs program is aimed at preparing youth football players for participation in Hampshire High School Football. The term "feeder" signifies that our program serves as a pathway, guiding athletes from the youth football level to a specific high school. Our comprehensive program begins at the kindergarten level, focusing on athletic and academic preparation as well as skill development. 

At every stage, we prioritize teaching and instilling the HHS system, encompassing offensive and defensive schemes, cadence, and play calling. This approach ensures that our athletes, upon reaching high school, are not only well-prepared but also knowledgeable contributors to HHS's football legacy. The overarching goal is to facilitate a seamless transition for athletes as they progress from lower levels to high school, ensuring they possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for a successful high school football career.  We are the only youth football program that actively coordinates and works with the HHS Coaching Staff.

Are the Jr Whip-Purs open to kids who won't go to Hampshire High School?

Absolutely.  Although our program holds particular significance for athletes who aspire to play for Hampshire High School, the principles and methods employed in developing young athletes have broader benefits for all kids. We do not engage in active recruitment beyond the HHS district, but we warmly welcome any child eager to enhance their passion for the game of football.  Over the years we have had kids from Elgin, South Elgin, Carpentersville, Huntley, Genoa, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin and more.  If you see a value in our program, we whole heartedly encourage you to join.  

Do you have to be a Jr Whip-Pur to play for HHS?

Of course not, but if you are planning on going to HHS someday, why would you want to play anywhere else?  While we are guided by the HHS system, other programs teach systems chosen by their specific coaching staffs. This results in athletes being exposed to varied play calling, schemes, and terminology each year. Regardless of the sport, the teams with the most sustained success are made of members who have been together for years, fostering growth, learning, and development as a cohesive unit.  We deliver our players well-versed in not only the basic disciplines of football, but specifically well-versed in HHS Football.  

The Jr Whip-Purs are dedicated to shaping the future of the HHS Football Program.  We want our kids to play, grow and win together!