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Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs Football & Cheer

For our student athletes, the "student" comes first...

Education and community service are integral aspects of an athlete's development both on and off the field. The Hampshire Jr Whip-Purs are focused on more than developing a strong athletic program for Hampshire High School - we are focused on developing great students!

Firstly, education provides athletes with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed beyond their sports careers. It cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a lifelong love for learning. By prioritizing academics, athletes not only enhance their personal growth but also lay a solid foundation for their future endeavors.

Engaging in community service allows athletes to give back to the communities that support them, and promotes a feeling of being part of something more than themselves. It fosters empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility towards others. Through volunteering, athletes learn the value of teamwork, leadership, and making a positive impact beyond the realm of sports.

Holding our athletes to a higher level...

The Jr Whip-Purs believe in the importance of academic achievement for all our athletes. Therefore, proof of satisfactory progress in school is a requirement. We consider a minimum grade point average of 2.0/70% or its equivalent to be acceptable for participation. In situations where there may be uncertainty or differing opinions regarding academic performance, or if a valid report card is not provided, we will rely on the nationally published scholastic eligibility form as the final determinant.

Our commitment to ensuring the well-rounded development of our athletes extends beyond the field, and we encourage each of them to excel academically as well as athletically.


Pop Warner All American Scholar Program

 Every year, the brightest students in Pop Warner have the chance to become Academic All-Americans. This journey starts at the local level, moves through eight regional stages, and ends at the national level. To qualify, students need a minimum 96% grade point average. After applications are reviewed, Pop Warner selects National First Team All-Americans (35 football and 35 cheer per grade), National Second Team All-Americans, and National Honorable Mention Scholars.


Director Culpepper's Challenge:

 "We firmly believe that academics should always be the top priority. As parents, coaches, and role models, it's our responsibility to ensure that our athletes receive the support and motivation they need to thrive not only on the field or mat but also in the classroom and in life. The Jr. Whips are dedicated to seeing every one of our athletes succeed in all aspects of life.

That's why I challenge every athlete in grades 5 and above to take part in the All-American Scholars program. By participating, our athletes can showcase their commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. Together, let's reaffirm Hampshire's unwavering belief in our kids and invest in their bright futures."