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Nov, 2023

2024 Nominations open for BOD

Nominations are now open for individuals interested in serving on the 2024 Jr Whip-Purs Board of Directors. While only those persons who have attended 6 meetings during the calendar year are allowed to vote for the Board members, any person within the organization may nominate another person to serve on the Board regardless of their attendance.


This year the following positions will be up for election at the Monday, December 18th meeting:


  • President (2-year term)
  • Secretary (2-year term)
  • Director of Football (1-year term)
  • Director of Cheerleading (1-year term)
  • Director of Events & Fundraising (1-year term)
  • Director of Concessions (1-year term)
  • Director of Spirit Wear (1-year term)
  • Director of Field & Maintenance (1-year term)
  • Director of Health & Safety (1-year term)
  • Director of Certifications (1-year term)


During the Board meeting held on November 19th, the Board unanimously approved a handful of changes to existing Board positions and duties. These changes include:


  • The Player's Agent was re-titled "Director of Certifications" to better describe this person's duties and role on the BOD.
  • Elimination of the Communications Director. All communications through the website, Sports Engine and the organization's social media platforms will now be done by the Secretary. The tracking of each family's mandatory service credits (i.e. DIBS) shall also be overseen by the Secretary. The Director of Certifications shall absorb the role of liaison to Team Moms as well as oversee the any scholastic or academic program that our affiliate league(s) may do honoring academic excellence among our athletes.
  • The position of Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator was absorbed by the Events Coordinator to create the new position of Director of Events & Fundraising. Procurement of sponsorships shall now be overseen by the Treasurer with a requirement of each member of the BOD responsible for soliciting 2 (two) sponsorships annually totaling a minimum $1,000 in value.
  • All members of the BOD will now be required to participate in at least 1 (one) shift for each homestand during the football season. This would annually equate to a minimum of 4 (four) shifts per regular season. Additional shifts may be required if the Jr. Whip-Purs are awarded hosting rights for any playoff series at Hampshire Middle School.


All nominations for people wishing to run for a position on the Board of Directors are to be sent to the Board Secretary via email at [email protected] by 5:00pm on Thursday, December 14, 2023. People interested in serving may nominate themselves if they so choose. There will be no nominations accepted after 5:00pm on December 14th. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor at the meeting.


As a reminder, one person cannot run for multiple positions at the same time. Candidates must choose which position in which they wish to run. If a person nominates someone, they are under no obligation to accept the nomination. We ask that only one person per family serve on the Board during any given term.


All questions may be forwarded to the Board Secretary or any other member of the BOD. Good luck to all those interested in serving on the Jr Whip-Purs BOD!